Monday, June 17, 2013

Left overs...

So, a few weeks ago, Monika was rolling some 35mm film. She got to the end of the spool and had a piece of film just a few frames long... Being the thrifty gal that she is, she loaded it into a canister.
Along I came and loaded it into a camera...

Kindles Do-Nuts. Los Angeles, CA. Demi 28mm 100asa b/w film. ©Mike Vega

I may have finally visited all of the "Big Doughnut" stores in the Los Angeles area. This is easily one of the skeeviest. Go there at your own risk...

Ice-Cream Shop. Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. Demi 28mm 100asa b/w film. ©Mike Vega

1971 Volkwagen Beetle. Riverside, CA. Demi 28mm 100asa b/w film. ©Mike Vega

I took a photo of this beetle because it happened to be parked in an alley where I was working. If anyone cares (or dares) to ask, I could probably talk for days on end about VW's, models, motors, accessories...

That's it, short roll, short update.

'till next time.

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  1. You & Monika are incredibly talented. When I can afford it, I'm going to decorate my home with your photography. I absolutely love everything about these photos- but mostly the composition. You can't teach that shit. As always, I'm impressed.