Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starting off right...

The first blog of the year!!! I've already shot quite a lot this year, though i've been using several cameras so I haven't finished all of the rolls yet... BUT here are some images from one that I DID finish!

Originally "The Ice Bowl", the now named Ontario Ice Skating Center opened in 1957.
Route 66, Ontario, CA. Tower 120 200asa B/W film. ©Mike Vega

My wife and I took a little drive up to historic Route 66 to see what we could could come across and turned up some gems of vintage neon signs and a few interesting buildings.

The Grinder Haven, Ontario, CA.
Tower 120 200asa B/W film. ©Mike Vega

Since 1958, The Grinder Haven has been serving hungry travelers along Route 66. One thing that I really liked was that sales tax is included in their menu pricing. A $1.00 soda IS a $1.00 soda! Brilliant.

Sensations "Love Boutique" Upland, CA.
Tower 120 200asa B/W film. ©Mike Vega

I believe that if you drive far enough down historic Route 66, that you can find just about anything... Sensations (who's neon beckons in vibrant red at night) may be just what you seek on this storied road...

Vince's Spaghetti. Upland, CA.
Tower 120 200asa B/W film. ©Mike Vega

Originally a 6 seat open-air French Dip stand, Vince's Spaghetti has been a Route 66 Staple since September 1945 and serves up to 1,500 miles of spaghetti annually!

Taco King. Upland, CA.
Tower 120 200asa B/W film. ©Mike Vega

While we didn't sample the "Burrito Special", we couldn't resist the neon sign!

The portion of Route 66 that we sampled this day ran between a pretty seedy area of San Bernadino and Pomona, CA. It is littered (literally sometimes) with motels, restaurants, car washes, empty fields and all manner of people. It can be hard to travel, to see the levels of blight, poverty and decay, but if you are feeling optimistic and a little bit adventurous, you can come across some interesting buildings, signs and pieces of Americana. With good company like I had, it can prove to be a nice day out and a reminder of how quickly today's dreams can become tomorrows eyesores, ruins and oddities.

Here's to the spirit of entrepreneurship that created this historic thoroughfare and all those who travel it.

'Till next time...