Thursday, July 16, 2015

Griffith Observatory Los Angeles, CA.

I first visited Griffith Observatory in the 1980's. I was immediately captivated by it's location, size, scope, mission, architecture, views, history, basically everything about the place struck a chord with me.

Since then I've been back more times than I can count, taken friends and family there, photographed it and it has not lost any of it's attraction for me.

I shot the featured photos with my 1962 Olympus Pen-EEs, using expired 400asa Fuji Superia X-Tra 35mm color film.

Los Angeles skyline and approach to the observatory. ©Mike Vega 2015

Sitting high above Los Angeles/Hollywood, CA. The observatory stands, even after extensive renovation, as a monument not only to the heavens and all of their wonder, but to the city's past. The place is a full of history and rich with folklore.

Staff Parking, Astronomer's Monument (1934). ©Mike Vega 2015

Telescope dome, Main entrance. ©Mike Vega 2015

Sadly, the main entrance is no longer the "main entrance", but the doors are usually unlocked during visiting hours and you can still open them for nostalgia's sake. The right 1/2 of this photo is taken from inside the building looking out the open main door.

Observatory doors. ©Mike Vega 2015

I kind of hate spoilers, so I won't detail every special thing about this wonderful place, I'll just suggest that If you haven't ever been, go. If you haven't been in some time, make plans to go back.

Los Angeles skyline, telescope, dome. ©Mike Vega 2015

Until next time...