Saturday, November 1, 2014

90th Annual Anaheim Halloween Parade

Yes, you read that right, the city of Anaheim, Ca. has been hosting an annual Halloween Parade since 1924!
What could be more amazing than that? Well, the parade itself! My wife and I look forward to this event all year and it doesn't disappoint. So, with cameras in hand we headed out to see the sights.
I chose my trusty 1980 Canon AE-1 with a 50mm f1.8 lens and a hot-shoe mounted flash and 100asa Kodak T-max black and white film.

Color Guard from Anaheim High School. ©Mike Vega 2014

The parade has a strong "vintage" theme to it owed partially to the Anaheim Historical Society. They do a great job of promoting the parade and inspiring unique entries.

Anaheim Historical Society. ©Mike Vega 2014

There are cars, floats, bands beauty queens, monsters, ghouls, Shriners...

The Headless Horseman... ©Mike Vega 2014

"Andy Anaheim". ©Mike Vega 2014

The parade held in the heart of downtown Anaheim, and hosts food trucks, art installations and games preceding the parade. Community interest and participation is strong, so get there early for a good seat!

Wonderful handmade entry. ©Mike Vega

Many kids, and some adults, like us, come out in costume to add to the spirit of the night.

It's not easy to catch a speeding, honking Shriner on film! ©Mike Vega 2014

Halloween Beauty Queen. ©Mike Vega 2014

The variety of sights is wonderful, and the atmosphere is festive. The city seems to transform back into a small town for a couple of hours on this wonderful night.

Head on a platter, on a motorized bed, surrounded by nightmares... Awesome! ©Mike Vega 2014

Anaheim locals. ©Mike Vega 2014

The parade pays homage to the past through it's entries, guests and Grand Marshals, this year featuring the amazing Bob Gurr, designer of Disneyland's Monorail, Doom Buggies and EVERY vehicle that travels Disneyland's Main Street!

Amazing craftsmanship and creativity abound. ©Mike Vega

Bride. ©Mike Vega 2014

Charles Phoenix takes a ride in the Flyin' Sasser! ©Mike Vega 2014

Folklorica Day of the Dead dancers take to the streets of Anaheim. ©MIke Vega 2014

Have hoop skirt will travel. ©Mike Vega 2014

The amazing "Rocket Witch" entry! ©Mike Vega 2014

Wonderful Anaheim Brewery entry. ©Mike Vega 2014

We had a wonderful time again this year and will definitely be back next year! Hopefully we'll see YOU there!!!

Official parade web-site:

'Till next time...