Saturday, February 28, 2015

Main Street USA.

Disneyland in Southern California is an iconic place, and in this iconic place, is Main Street USA. A street burned into millions of peoples memories through visits to the park, films, postcards, television shows and family photos. Walking down this street, envisioned by Walt Disney as a snapshot of Main Streets of his childhood, transports you literally and figuratively into another world. A world of fantasy, and imagination, upon which you are free to imprint your memories and experiences.

I had a day off of work last week due to inclement weather and took the opportunity to spend the day at the park.
As I walked into the park, and saw Main Street before me, I decided to shoot every building on it in succession!

Take a few minutes and enjoy a walk with me down this wonderful street...

All photos ©Mike Vega 2015.
Photos made using a 1985 Canon AE-1 28mm f2.8 lens, with 125asa Ilford 35mm B/W film.

Main Street Train Depot.

It is no secret that Walt Disney loved trains, so the Main Street Depot is as good a place to start as any.

North park entrance and gift shop.

Disneyland City Hall.

Disneyland's City Hall is staffed by extremely knowledgeable and helpful people, don't be afraid to stop in and ask them anything.

Disneyland Fire Station.

The Disneyland Fire Station is not only wonderful to look at, but houses upstairs Walt Disney's personal apartment, preserved just as it was when he used it.

Emporium left.

More Emporium.

Main Street Emporium center.

Emporium right.

Crystal Arcade.

Carnation Cafe.

The Carnation Cafe is home one of my favorite Disneyland treats, deep fried pickles!

Bob Gurr designed Horsecar.

Penny Arcade.

The Penny Arcade was the predecessor to modern video game arcades and featured pachinko machines and slot machines. The Disneyland Penny Arcade used to house many pressed penny machines (now scattered around the park), there are still a couple of these inside, and several nickelodeon machines as well.

The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner.

The Coca-Cola Refreshment corner not only houses could drinks, but also features an upright piano, which sees use at various times throughout the day. Also in this photo is the Candy Palace, where you can watch candy being made from scratch!

Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner seating.

The Jolly Holiday Cafe.

The Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe is a perfect place to have a bite to eat and enjoy some people watching. They offer several delicious sandwiches and baked treats. Mmmmm treats!

The Plaza Inn.

Unfortunately the Plaza Inn is a favorite place to park strollers... But, it's a lovely building just the same.

Disneyland First Aid Station.

Disneyland Lost Child Center.

The Photo Supply Company.

The Disneyland Photo Supply Company sponsored by Nikon. This was once the Kodak Photo Supply Company and offered actual film services, such as film sales, processing, enlargements, battery sales and technical advice.

Silhouette Studio.

All of the shops.

The Market House.

The Market House has been transformed into a Starbucks Coffee, for better or for worse...

Main Street Cinema.

A favorite spot of mine during the warmer months is the Main Street Cinema, where you can enjoy some air-conditioning and watch some vintage Mickey and friends cartoons.

Disneyland Magic Shop.

The Disneyland Magic Shop is a favorite of kids of all ages and once counted comedian Steve Martin as an employee.

The Main Street Hotel.

Disney Showcase.


The "Livery" is actually a new gate which will offer a passthrough route parallel to Main Street through which park goers will be able to bypass the Main Street Parade.

Mad Hatter.

Opera House.

The Disneyland Opera House ironically houses the Great Moment with Mr. Lincoln "show".

The Disneyana Gallery.

The Disneyana Gallery now occupies the space that was formerly a fully functioning Bank of America branch, unlike typical bank branches, the Disneyland Bank of America was open all day Saturday and Sunday and offered full service, such as cashing travelers checks, taking deposits, dispensing withdrawals etc.

South park entrance and gift shop.

Cigar store Indian.

This wooden Indian stands in front of what was once Disneyland's smoke shop, selling cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and smoking accessories.

Well, that's it. A walking trip on a cloudy day up and down Disneyland's iconic Main Street USA.

Until next time...