Friday, May 3, 2013

The (Mouse) House of the Rising Sun...

While rummaging around in the film box to see what we had on hand, I came across a roll of Red-Scale 35mm 100asa film. This film is actually wound backwards, as to expose the red layer of emulsion first, which in turn leads to images which have a varying degree of red "tinting" to them. I know there are "apps" that pretend to do this to your images; however, they only offer a generic tinting of the image regardless of exposure, aperture etc. these, are the real deal...

Monika and I were heading out to Disneyland early one morning and I decided to load the Red-Scale into my trusty 65' Canonet.
For fans of the park, and photographers alike Disneyland on an early morning is a treat...

I don't always shoot straight into the sun... Matterhorn behind mad Tea Party. ©Mike Vega 2013

For whatever reason, I tend to "play around" a bit more with film and camera settings when I'm at the park. Perhaps it is because the park offers so many "problems" to solve, be it light, crowds etc...

Just looking at this cart I can practically taste the popcorn... Pre-opening, beside the Petrified Tree. ©Mike Vega 2013

The first run of The Columbia, Disneyland USA. ©Mike Vega 2013

Though it seems to be the smallest of the "lands", Frontierland is actually quite large, encompassing not only the shooting gallery, shops and restaurants, but also the Rivers of America.

Which way to Adventure? All ways! ©Mike Vega 2013

Try your luck... Frontierland, Disneyland USA. ©Mike Vega 2013

My favorite "gate" in the park Adventureland delivers on it's promise. ©Mike Vega 2013

"How do I know that's an African Elephant? Because we're in Africa..." ©Mike Vega 2013

Day or night, a Jungle Cruise is always a good idea. ©Mike Vega 2013

One large issue that the park can present is people, people that you don't know walking in and out of your frame, lines of people waiting to board rides, and people on rides that you are trying to shoot. Sometimes, you can incorporate them into your shot without being invasive.

The Mad Tea Party has been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember. I really think that the hats make this photo. ©Mike Vega 2013

One of the nicest horses in the park. ©Mike Vega 2013

Morning light on It's a Small World? Yes please. ©Mike Vega 2013

Got Grinning Ghosts? ©Mike Vega 2013

The end of the tour will finish up with one of the first images I shot that day... The Red-Scale film really liked the looming rain clouds behind the castle.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. USA ©Mike Vega 2013

 'till next time.

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  1. Holy crap I love these. I'm such a sucker for the magic kingdom- especially in red-scale!